Blessed Be the Holy One of Israel

from The Luke Canticles by Steve Thorngate



The Song of Zechariah, Luke 1:68–79


Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,

Who has come and set us free;

Who, from the house of David, gives to us
A strong savior of peace.

God promised our salvation long ago,
From all hatred and all strife—
A promise that fear would shackle us no more,
All the days of our life.

This child will be the prophet of the Lord
Who will go prepare the way,
And tell the people of salvation,
The grace that comes any day.

In the compassion of our holy God
Dawn will break among us here,
To shine on all under the cloud of death
And guide our feet toward peace.


from The Luke Canticles, released November 27, 2013
Steve Thorngate: lead vocal, guitar, banjo
Susannah Thorngate: vocal
Sally Thorngate: vocal


all rights reserved



Steve Thorngate Chicago, Illinois

Chicago-based church musician and songwriter. Editor at the Christian Century magazine.

Songs licensed through One License,

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